‘Rise of One’ by Dixon Reuel – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


The outbreak began in springtime rumors.

Then, the airways and cables of the world charted the outbreak and panic, as the disease overwhelmed every population. Bombs and walls of fire tried to contain it. Chemical purges charred cities indiscriminately. In all, Rise counted barely five months from the beginning of the outbreak until everything was stilled, from late spring to mid-autumn. A lone SOS in Morse code was the last they heard from the human race, before Rise and his coven packed away their broadcast equipment, their radio, computers, and TV, putting it all into the depths of the root cellar. He waited a further full month, October. Then, and only then, did Rise leave the house.

Synopsis –

A Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic tale about soulmate MM (male/male) romance with dark, esoteric themes.

Set in a zombie-ridden world packed with myth, vampires, and occult vengeance, Rise of One begins an epic new Paranormal saga, The Blood Brute Series, from award-winning Irish author & poet Dixon Reuel.

After a zombie apocalypse drives humanity to near-extinction, a vampire coven is one of the few peoples left alive, who’ve hidden from humans across all of history.

As Rise explores the world beyond Owl Court’s walls, tensions emerge among his fellow vampires and the rescued humans. A terrible fate unravels, revealing a society of vampires beyond what everybody at Owl Court had ever realized!

Thoughts –

A post apocalypse novel involving the threat of a zombie virus and the enticement of a vampire coven, Rise of One tells a now all too familiar story of isolation and being stuck inside. Set after a zombie apocalypse has over run the world, one small coven of vampires and their one human family member, must take risks to venture outside of their safe walls and attempt to rescue and obtain more human members. But the terrifying legends of old are still prominent in survivors minds and convincing these people to opt for one horror monster over another, is not as easy as they’d hoped.

A fresh take on the modern vampire, Dixon Reuel creates rich and compelling characters in a setting both alien and painfully close to home. Her vampire coven is a symbiotic family filled with love and disfunction, jealousies and betrayal. Dixon’s writing is descriptive and nuanced, and her representation of queer and diverse characters is strong and enticing.

With a twist at the end that I did not see coming, book one of the Blood Brute series is sure to have you waiting impatiently for the next in the series.

About the Author –

Eve is an award-winning author and poet, most notably being runner-up for The Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award & winner of The Arts Council of Ireland’s writing residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

Rise of One is a finalist in The Wishing List Indie Book Awards and welcomed great NetGalley and Kirkus reviews. Eve holds a First in History & Early Irish Studies and another First in Creative Writing. She is a lifelong nerd and devoted hobbyist of cosplay, video games, and other surely worthwhile pursuits.

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