‘The Edgewood Nightmare’ by Conor Metz – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


Jumping up onto her bed, she made a second leap onto her brother’s. His bed wasn’t quite a bunk bed on top of hers – it was adjacent, but elevated about two feet above hers to allow a small fort space underneath where they could hang out and hide stuff. Of course, the benefits of it were mostly lost on Kurt who was plagued by nightmares in his younger years that a troll or some such creature lurked below while he slept, just waiting for the right time to strike and gobble him up.

Maddie thought such stuff was ridiculous. She was never afraid of much, mainly because she knew monsters didn’t exist. She was more scared of things that seemed possible to her like ghosts, witches, and serial killers. The last was something her parents were always warning her about. Don’t take candy from strangers, don’t get into vans with older men, don’t wander off while in public places. When she was younger, most of these warnings were lost on her, but she was smart enough these days to take their advice. There were too many kids that seemed to disappear and this sort of thing did manage to put some fear in her, but for the most part their neighborhood was safe. The one thing she did need to watch out for was the other kids nearby.

They had problems.

Synopsis –

Maddie Durant is trying to enjoy a snow day in December when she finds herself suddenly trapped in a world of endless, inescapable nightmares. Unfortunately for the small community of Edgewood, she’s not the only one. As four other young girls go missing in the span of a few hours, the Wakefield Police have their hands full trying to find out who took them.

And things aren’t looking good.

The lone detective on the police force has few clues and little hope of locating the girls, but Maddie’s brother thinks he may know where she’s hidden. With the help of her best friend, the pair aren’t going to let their parents or the police stop them from finding the missing girls.

Meanwhile, the girls will have to work together and summon their courage if they hope to escape a horrible fate. But without any answers to who took them and why, it’s anyone’s guess who will make their way out of the Edgewood nightmare.

Thoughts –

The Edgewood Nightmare is the latest YA story from Conor Metz. In this alluring and mysterious tale, a small town is afflicted with young girls disappearing within hours of each other. As their families and the local police detective scramble to find any clue as to where they may be or who may have taken them, the girls wake up in a living nightmare. A dreamscape that seems to look into the darkest corners of their minds and recreates their worst nightmares. Only be learning to harness their imaginations and master their fears will they ever manage to escape this hellscape and discover who did this to them.

The Edgewood Nightmare will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for this rag tag group of young girls using their knowledge of movies and video games to save each other. Not to mention their family and friends on the outside who are not about to give up looking for them. Metz gives the reader an undeniable feeling of camaraderie and reflects the strength and bonds of such young friends perfectly. As the adults deal with the real world logic and rules, the kids fight fear itself and create their own logic and rules to do it. The Edgewood Nightmare is dark, mysterious, and an entertaining read. With a 90’s nostalgic feel and reminiscent at times of the haunting Freddie Krueger and his Nightmare on Elm Street, this is a great one to read if you’re having trouble sleeping…

About the Author –

CONOR METZ was born in Renton, Washington in 1984. His early years exposed him to a variety of outlandish films, novels, and comics books, which have shaped him into the writer he is today. He currently lives in Bellevue, Washington.

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