‘The Caller’ by F. R. Jameson – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


Wexler had expected the lanky shit to turn and run. He’d hear the promise of violence in Wexler’s tone and save himself.

Instead the man took his own step forward. The two of them on a collision course. Whatever substance this idiot had consumed tonight, Wexler hoped it was worth it. This bastard was going to be nil by mouth got the next couple of months.

When the man stepped further into the thin light of the alley, it might have given Wexler pause in a calmer mood. However, he was too committed now. The man not only behaved in a clownish fashion, he looked like one. His beanpole frame was clad in a garish, old-fashioned suit, ruffles and all. It was bright red, apart from the brilliant white of those ruffles. Looking absolutely freakish, he genuinely could have been an extra in an old Adam and The Ants video. The man’s face was much the same elongated shape as his body, with his eyes almost triangular at the centre. But it was the hair which caught the attention. It was huge, beyond just spiky; he could have been wearing a crown of daggers. Each point so pronounced it might be used as an offensive weapon. More bizarre, it seemed to be the exact same shade of vivid red as his suit.

Synopsis –

Meeting him will make this the deadliest night of your life!

A series of bizarre, violent murders shocks London. The victims all seemingly unconnected, apart from the brutality of their deaths. Each demise is more gruesome than the last. A card, perfectly red on each side, is discovered with every corpse.

Jenna Driscoll, a young crime blogger, begins to investigate. But what she finds seems beyond comprehension. A supernatural demon summoned from the pages of an old horror novel, who will kill eight people across eight nights in increasingly horrific ways.

Every police officer and crime investigator in the city is drawn into the case, but there seems no way of finding him. Let alone stopping his carnage. However, Jenna is about to discover a far more terrible truth. That if you investigate deep enough, and gain his attention, you can add yourself to his bloody list…

As he is The Caller, and when he visits, it means death!

Thoughts –

Another dark supernatural tale from F. R. Jameson brings to life the story of a mysterious stranger in red, painting the town of London with blood. A series of murders begin, just as our blogger Jenna Driscoll suspects, and she is determined to prove that these seemingly unrelated murders are in fact the work of the April 29th killer.

Our protagonist Jenna is a passionate crime blogger, making a small living from her daily blogging of local crimes. A passionate and determined investigative writer, Jenna devotes her time to collecting sources and information on each crime, confident that the have something to do with the murders occurring every April 29th. So used to evidence and verifiable facts, when the possibility arises that a mysterious book and a fictional character within may also be wreaking supernatural havoc on those around her, Jenna struggles to marry her logical nature with the illogical events going on.

Jameson yet again has the reader gripped from the first paragraph. Captivated by enigmatic characters, and a protagonist that feels as real as the pages turning, the twists and turns of this story are just the icing on the cake. A supernatural murder mystery that will have you wary of any red playing cards you may find, The Caller is a theatrical and terrifying supernatural thriller that you won’t want to put down.

About the Author –

F.R. Jameson was born in Wales, but now lives in London with his wife and young daughter. He writes both historical thrillers and supernatural thrillers.

His books are, at the moment, mostly sorted into two different – but complimentary – series. The first, ‘Screen Siren Noir’, currently comprises of three novels: ‘Diana Christmas’, ‘Eden St. Michel’ and ‘Alice Rackham’. All of which tell the stories of beautiful British film stars caught up in Noir tales of blackmail, obsession, scandal and death. He is currently working on both the fourth and fifth books in the series.

The second series is more disturbing and scary, and lives under the moniker: ‘Ghostly Shadows’. Right now there is only one book published, a tale of supernatural revenge – ‘Death at the Shadows’. However, 2019 will bring four more entries to terrify and intrigue.

His blog – https://frjameson.com/ – is regularly updated with information about his writing, as well as film and book reviews. You can follow him @frjameson on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and you can find him on Facebook.

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