‘The Mirror’ by Hash Black – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


Agatha grabbed her ears, frantically struggling to block out the deafening squeal that stabbed through them. She fell to the ground, writhing in pain as she waited for her eardrums to pop.

Then it stopped.

She opened her eyes. Everything was a blur The room seemed to revolve around her. A ringing wound chimed in her ear. And a throbbing ache pounded in her head.

She pressed her temples as she trailed her gaze back to the mirror.

It was intact.

But a message was scribed into it.




Synopsis –

Jared Carson is gone, leaving a ravaged home behind for her wife Beth and baby daughter Lily. With her guardian angel gone, Lily’s horrid fears fester. The unseen monsters beneath her bed grow malevolent and stronger. It’s up to Beth to fill her husband’s shoes. She hugs Lily tight in her arms with teary eyes and makes a vow,

“You will never be alone, baby. Mommy will always be here to protect you.”


The forces of evil watch quietly in the shroud of darkness. They thirst for anguish. They thirst for blood. They thirst for REVENGE!

And Lily is their prime target.

Thoughts –

The Mirror is a novella that follows a grieving widow as she moves into a new house, and hopefully a new life with her young daughter. Unfortunately, this new house has a dark past and an even darker entity inhabiting it and it’s reflective surfaces. Drawing on themes of painful secrets that refuse to be forgotten, repressed evils, and a mother’s love for her daughter, the story deals with heavy subject matters.

Unfortunately the pacing of the story is off. The entire work spans only a couple of days, and yet it seems only in the first hour or so of our main protagonist moving to this new town and still grieving the loss of her husband, she has no qualms falling in love with a brand new doctor who quite literally falls into her yard. Not only does this short span of time make some of the events feel unreal, but the backstory of the ghostly haunting going on was very difficult to fully believe as well – without any spoilers, the events of the town’s past just didn’t make sense and so the tragedy and darkness there didn’t have the impact that it should have. I did have to read the story twice to get the events straight in my head.

There are some good scares and descriptive passages of the dark entities that have stolen our main characters daughter. The psychological aspects of the scares were a plus for me.

The Mirror is a fast paced paranormal horror that just needed more space for the story to breath.

About the Author –

Hash Black is an author with a flair for writing horror fiction. Ironically, his educational background is rooted in marine biology, and has an innate love for coral reefs. However, he has always enjoyed writing his heart out as he grew up. R. L. Stine was a major influence during those days, with Goosebumps and Fear Street series getting lots of traction among his peers. Finally, at the age of 30, Hash gave in to his passion for writing.

The Mirror is his first novella.

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