‘The Thing in The Lake’ by Conor Metz – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


The fog on the windshield expanded with every passing second, leaving the defroster locked in a losing battle. Murphy started to wonder if Evans could even see where he was driving. The storm that night was one for the books. The past few months had been relatively dry for Puget Sound and now all that buildup had unleased the wrath of the clouds. Rain splashed against the truck with such fury that Murphy might have thought Evans had wandered through a car wash, had he not known better. He did wonder why they had been ordered to travel so far from the freeway. There was the fact that it provided a lot of visibility and therefore increased chance of exposure, but taking the scenic route presented its own set of problems – especially in the current weather conditions. Some roads were already starting to flood as water built up along the sides and spilled over onto the pavement.

Murphy was bothered less by the weather and more by their cargo, yet he tried to keep his mind focused on the road ahead and off what was safely secured in the back of the truck. Things had been quiet since they left the facility and that’s the way he liked it. Quiet meant safe, safe meant he didn’t need to worry about what could happen if it escaped.

What could happen to him.

Synopsis –

Billy McGregor just wants to enjoy his summer before high school, but a creature lurks within his lake and seems to be picking off the residents one at a time. As a horror-buff, he’s quick to pick up on this and with nobody else seeming to notice, it’s up to him and his friends to take matters into their own hands.

But they aren’t the only ones after the creature.

A local cop realizes the several deaths are linked and an organization called SID is trying to cover it up. They have their own plans for the creature, but if they don’t capture it quickly, things could spiral out of control due to a potential for infection. A single bite or scratch will turn any person it injures into another one of its kind.

It’s a race for who can deal with the creature first, but will any of them be successful against a genetically engineered killing machine?

Thoughts –

The Thing In The Lake is exactly what you expect – it’s about a thing, in a lake. With a nostalgic feel of spending summers watching movies with friends and imagining yourself as the hero that saves the day, this is a novel that really puts it’s characters to the test. When a genetically engineered government experiment is let loose on a small lakeside town, four teenage boys and horror film addicts, take it upon themselves to first prove that the monster is real and stop the feds from covering it up, and to kill the monster themselves. These characters are written well and easily distinguishable, they have a great group dynamic and for the most part are realistic teenage boys.

The novel deals with multiple failed attempts from all side to capture or kill the monster. At times this did seem a little repetitive for the reader and there were certainly some ill advised decisions made, not just by the naive adolescents, but also by the more experienced and trained adults. There’s a familiar feel to the story with the trope of small town against big government and federal agents having terrible plans for a monster they created, but there is a certain unique aspect to the amalgamation of the creature and it’s many impossible traits and characteristics.

The Thing In The Lake is a monster story that delves into what happens when things don’t go to plan, the casualties that can happen when secrecy is more important than innocent lives, and the strength and determination of a group of teenage boys who think they’ve seen it all.

The Thing In The Lake is a monster story that pits a killing machine against the hearts and courage of a town and a group of four, determined, teenagers.

About the Author –

CONOR METZ was born in Renton, Washington in 1984. His early years exposed him to a variety of outlandish films, novels, and comics books, which have shaped him into the writer he is today. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

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