‘A Song for the End’ by Kit Power – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


“Did we get it?” Paul was anxious, hands clasping the top of his guitar. He looked over at Michael checking the MP3 player, a guitar slung over his shoulder.

There was a moment then, when it was hanging in the air. I remember thinking about the times we’d missed recordings because the battery had died or the mic cable had slipped out. Thinking we could always do it again, but also thinking it had been a pretty hot first take and really hoping…

“It’s there! It’s there,” Michael said with a smile, one earbud dangling down the side of his face.

“Plug it into the PA. I want to hear it again,” Paul said.

So intense, I remember thinking that. Thinking, too, that he was probably worried about his solo, as per. Thinking that for my money, it had sounded pretty good; loose and powerful, but knowing that he’d be hyper-critical, already straining for another shot, wanting it to be perfect. Reflecting on what a dumb word that was to apply to music, especially our kind of music…

And then the song came back on and we all grew still.

We stood in a loose circle surrounding the small PA mixing desk the MP3 recorder was plugged in to. Behind us, the amps and drum kit sat on the carpeted floor of the community hall that’d been our rehearsal space and impromptu demo recording since we’d formed.

I don’t know what the others were doing, but I was transported, I’d never felt that way about a song we’d done before. It was like hearing something on the radio and falling in love. It was fantastic.

You can also watch my video review of this book on my BookTube channel here.

Synopsis –

Becoming an overnight sensation was supposed to be a good thing. Not for Bill Cutter, supply teacher and weekend rock star. His band, The Fallen, have just released their latest tune on social media, and it’s blowing up.

So is the body count.

Now Bill faces a frantic race against time to stop the spread of the song, before the horrific effects can no longer be contained.

Thoughts –

A Song For The End by Kit Power is a short but hard hitting, action packed novella. Following a song that forces it’s listeners to tell the absolute truth for any question they are asked, poses an interesting and frightening dilemma? How often do you lie? How often do you think you lie? Even the most innocuous fibs in this novella will cause the fibber to bleed explosively from the brain. It really makes you think twice about what the truth really means.

With flawed and morally grey characters, characters who lie for the sake of their loved one, and characters who lie to save their own skin, Power takes an unbelievable story and makes it believable by the motivations and actions of it’s characters. An unfortunate series of events that happens just at the worst time for the city of London, A Song For The End is a novella filled with anxiety, blood pumping anger, and may make you rethink the phrase ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

A punchy pulp novella that gets the pacing right, keeps you engaged with the characters, and is one not soon forgotten.

About the Author –

Kit Power lives in Milton Keynes and writes mainly about what scares him – typically to a background of screaming guitars. His fiction work includes novel GodBomb, novella The Finite, and collections Breaking Point, Voices, and A WARNING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE ENSLAVEMENT THAT YOU WILL DISMISS AS A COLLECTION OF SHORT FICTION AND ESSAYS BY KIT POWER. His short fiction has also appeared in many anthologies. His non fiction work includes a book on the Ken Russell/The Who movie Tommy, and My Life in Horror Volume One – an autobiography via the medium of pop culture artifacts (but fun, he promises).

He also blogs for Gingernuts Of Horror, podcasts widely, and tweets too damn much about politics @KitGonzo. Oh, and he has a Patreon, where subscribers get new material from him every single week – find out more here.

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