‘666 Gable Way’ by Dani Lamia & Frederick H. Crook – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


The lone residence of Gable Way, as the Pyncheon named their path upon the home’s completion in the year 1887, had at first been regarded by the residents of White Lake, Michigan, as elegant, perhaps even decadent. The Pyncheons were well educated, successful, and well bred. However, in the short few years following their arrival, some of the people of White Lake incurred inexplicable tragedies, many in the form of family members gone missing or strange illnesses that doctors could not diagnose nor affect. Some of these sicknesses abated, while others ended tragically. There were accidents involving carriages, of which some were fatal. Homes or barns would spontaneously combust without apparent cause, and cases of accidental firearm discharge became common.

Synopsis –

Something evil hides within the House of Seven Gables… Phoebe Pyncheon hasn’t had an easy life. Alone and out of work, she does her best to make ends meet while she finishes her debut novel. But when even the monthly rent becomes too much for the struggling young writer to afford, she is forced to move in to her Great Aunt Hester’s boarding house. Known as the House of Seven Gables, this Victorian mansion is a maze of decrepit halls, musty old furniture, and faded glamour. At first, Phoebe feels at home in the strange, quirky old house.

But soon she senses a presence lurking in the shadows, just out of sight. She hears it breathing in the darkness, feels its cold touch on her skin at night. Then the police knock on her door with news of a dead body found nearby. And Phoebe discovers the terrifying truth… The House of Seven Gables is a temple to an ancient evil, a terrifying power unleashed by Hester and her coven of friends. This dark entity haunts the stones of the old mansion, plotting its revenge upon the living. But a secret power hides within Phoebe as well. And releasing it may be her only chance to survive the terror that awaits her…

Thoughts –

666 Gable Way is a perfect intersection of Victorian values and witchy séances, and a modern nihilistic attitude. Our millennial protagonist, Phoebe, is down on her luck and just trying to get her fantasy adventure novel written but clashes hard with her great aunt Hester and her witchy ways. A perfect combination of traditional witch characters with a more modern twist, 666 Gable Way is a dark and mysterious novel with a cast of intriguing and beguiling characters that is difficult to put down. A stuffy trio of palm readers, an artist who’s blood splattered works line the walls of every room, a witty Englishman who seems to have his own secrets, and now a young and cantankerous woman ready to rock the boat if needed.

Set in the backdrop of an ancient house that holds many secrets in its walls, readers are treated to a gothic styled mystery with modern characters and events, but where you still need to dress well for dinner. Shocking violence and violation are mixed surprisingly well with humour and tenacity. There is something for everyone in this book, and it is a testament to Dani Lamia and Frederick H. Crook’s writing, that everything is blended so well. It’s almost like witchcraft. Spells, hexes, séances, ghosts, possessions, and so much more take place in this boarding house slash psychic reading office, and it is only the strength, stubbornness, and passion of Phoebe that will get you through this book alive.

If you are looking for a modern witchy read I would highly recommend spending some time with Phoebe at 666 Gable Way and exploring the mysteries of the ancient and every watching house, and the secrets of the Pyncheon family.

About the Author –

Dani Lamia has accepted the curse of a warped mind that bends reality, rending the fabric between the real and the unreal. Perhaps a form of schizophrenia, Dani prefers to think of it as wonderful inspiration for some deeply creepy but strangely intellectual horror stories that are pulled from those nightmarish visions. A student of the great horror writers (and filmmakers), Dani has turned a passion for twisted tales that unlock deep truths about humanity into a career focused on scaring the pants off readers. You can find Dani Lamia on Instagram here.

Born in Chicago, Frederick lives with his wife, Rae and their dachshunds, Moxie, Luke, and Parker. He writes dystopian sci-fi, but has written a ghost story and recently a thriller.

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