‘Food Fright’ by Nico Bell – Review

*Disclaimer – I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


Virginia, 1995

Cassie Adler gnawed her thumbnail until she tasted blood. Crickets chirped as a slight breeze cooled the September night air, cutting through the thick Virginia humidity. She shifted on her feet and looked past the dim streetlights lining the parking lot of Rochelle High School. A truck’s high beams switched to low as it drew closer.

Her chest tightened.

This was a mistake, but she’d come too far to wimp out now. Heather and her friends would never let Cassie hear the end of it if she didn’t follow through with the plan. Besides, this is what she wanted, right?

To be one of them.

Because if she belonged to their group, the teasing would stop.

No more jabs, about her loser father.

No more jokes about Cassie’s skeleton build or frizzy brown hair.

No more mocking her mom, who spent more nights sleeping in the county jail than her own bed back at home.

Cassie just needed to complete this one small task and she’d finally be in their circle, no longer standing on the outside.

Synopsis –

High school junior Cassie Adler just wanted the bullying to stop. She thought gaining a spot on the varsity soccer team would whip up instant friends, but it isn’t until the popular girls need Cassie’s help that they acknowledge her presence. Cassie reluctantly agrees to participate in a prank that turns sour fast. Now with blood on their hands, she and the popular girls race to cover their tracks. But something savage knows what they’ve done, and it’s hungry for revenge. Can Cassie redeem herself before it’s too late, or will her deadly sins ketchup to her?

Thoughts –

Food Fright is a 90’s camp horror that takes the phrase ‘death by chocolate’ quite literally. Nestled among the stress of high school politics, a hierarchy obsessed gang of witches, and one poor girl who just wanted to make friends on the soccer team, this is a story that will have you reaching for the snacks and getting concerned at every gurgle of your stomach thereafter.

Cassie as a main protagonist is a typical down trodden teenager who hates the popular girls almost as much as she wants to be them, desperately trying to make right what she did wrong. Ms Bower is your not quite so average teacher with a dark background, a yearning to belong, and not quite as well put together as her students might seem. With misplaced magic, murderous desserts, and teenage angst, Food Fright is a campy, violent (with fudge in place of blood) story of revenge that will have you laughing, rolling your eyes, and forever suspicious of a croissant that smells just a little too irresistible.

Nico Bell manages the characters well and keeps the tone of the book anxious, thrilling, yet as light as a French pastry much of the time. The reader is pulled into the story from the off with a familiar setting and characters, but a unique method of murder for the poor girl caught up in her own high school tragedy.

A palate cleanser for any horror fan.

About the Author –

Nico was born in New York, in 1983.

Nico started her writing career as a Christian fiction writer under a different name. She was a semi-finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writer Genesis Contest, a finalist in the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Music City Melody of Love Contest, a finalist in the Splickety and My Book Therapy Flash Fiction contest, and a finalist in the RWA Great Beginnings Contest. Her flash fiction has been featured in Splickety, and Spark.

Her love of psychological thrillers and twisted plots led Nico into the world of horror where she unleashed her unsuspecting characters. Her stories have been published in several collections including The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories, Drabbledark Anthology and her debut novel Food Fright was released on March 26, 2020.

For more, find Nico on her website, twitter or instagram

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