‘Nocturnal Farm’ by Villimey Mist – Review

*Disclaimer – I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

You can also see my video review of books 1 & 2 in the series on my BookTube channel here or read the review of Book One, ‘Nocturnal Blood’ here.




My hands shake from holding the gun. Holding it brings back memories. The last time I held one, I shot a man in the thigh. I helped kill him.. It’s the same heaviness, the same stench of gunpowder in the air. There’s also the disgust at countless other people having touched this one with their dirty hands.

“You know you don’t have to do this,” Dad says.

I grip the handle tighter. “Yes, I do. I have to be prepared for anything.”

I hear a scream. My eyes dart around, but there are only my concerned father, with his hand stretched toward me, and my annoyed little brother, who has his arms crossed against the bitter cold. No one screamed. It was just a wraith from my haunting memories.

“You sound like one of those doomsday preppers,” Nathan says. “You know that, right? Are you gonna build a bunker in the woods?”

I shake my head and adjust my focus to the red-and-white circle fifteen feet away from me. They don’t know what I’ve been through. I have to be ready. Mom, Dad, and Nathan were safe because Sophie and I left Anchorage, but what if vampires come after more of my family? What if those nocturnal creatures ignore the pact? I can’t take that chance. I can’t tell my family what happened to me, but I can be prepared if all hell breaks loose.

Synopsis –

Leia Walker has been training to protect her family from vampires ever since her best friend died six months ago. That humans are disappearing all over Europe is a distant worry — Until her little brother goes to Amsterdam, meets a Sangue — a vampire familiar — and disappears.

Leia knows she can’t save him alone. To bring him home, she must take up arms with the Owls, a group of vampire hunters, without her vampire protectors or the Owls becoming aware of each other. Under Amsterdam’s streets, she discovers dark secrets, a vampire who is immune to sunlight, and a threat that turns humankind and vampires alike into feral killers.

Can Leia hold on to her belief that everybody can be saved while she fights to bring her brother home — Or will she end up as a human blood bag on the farms?




Thoughts –

Nocturnal Farm, Book 2 in the Nocturnal Series by Villimey Mist, brings the story of Leia and her vampiric associates from Anchorage, Alaska, to the historic city of Amsterdam. Book 2 follows Leia as she attempts to find her brother, missing on a school trip to Europe, and she is convinced that he has somehow gotten himself involved with the vampires she was too afraid to tell him about, or possible kidnapped by a Sangue – a vampire familiar.

While the first book in the series was about the unshakable friendship between Leia and Sophie, book two gives a wider view of the vampire world, the myriad factions across the globe that fight for power, control, and to keep their citizens in check for the protection of the species. Leia’s love for her brother and her family is still present, but she is often distracted by the strangeness of this new city, and the increased opportunity to get herself in trouble. She seems to be breaking free from some of her anxious habits, but is still taken aback when a young vampire hunter actually starts to flirt with her. Could it be the start of a romance or is their world far too dangerous for that?

While the driving force of Sophie and Leia’s friendship was missing from this novel, it was still action packed. Travelling now with an immeasurably wealthy vampire elder and her vampire friend Kenji, there’s a lot more luxury as opposed to the bitter journey taken in the first book. The vampire universe of the Nocturnal series is expanded, and with it, the dangers and threats to the human race as well.




It seems the more Leia learns, the more she has to fear, and with the bombshell ending of this book, book 3 is sure to be another whirlwind of emotion, blood, and shocking twists.


About the Author – 


Villimey has always been fascinated by vampires and horror, ever since she watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula when she was a little, curious girl.
She loves to read and create stories that pop into her head unannounced.
She lives in Iceland with her husband and two cats, Skuggi and RoboCop, and is often busy drawing or watching the latest shows on Netflix.
You can find her on her Twitter or her Instagram.


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