‘After the Fall: Children of the Nephilim’ by Paul Freeman – Review

*Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*



He hawked and spat as stomach acid burned inside his chest. It was time. The first one appeared, a shadowy figure emerging from the trees. He could make out its hideous face as it moved into the clearing, appearing to float on the mist. It hissed and snarled at him, a grotesque smile of fangs. Slowly he unslung the shotgun from his back. His heart beat a steady rhythm as his hands only shook a little. He brought the weapon up all the while his eyes darted about the clearing, squinting in the shadowy twilight. There was never just one. 


Synopsis –

Twenty years after the Fall and what’s left of mankind is eking out an existence in a post-apocalyptic world. With much of the Earth now a nuclear wasteland, civilization has been knocked back two hundred years. By day the remnants of humanity gather together in small groups drawing from the land what they can in their new technological wasteland. By night they hide behind walls and bank up fires in an attempt to ward off the evil stalking the land during the hours of darkness.

The world needs a savior. A hero unafraid to face his own fears and terror of the vampires. An ex-preacher disillusioned by the world and his god is not that man… or so he says.




Thoughts –

Set 20 years into the vampire apocalypse that has plunged the world into darkness, After the Fall paints a grim picture of one small town struggling to eke out an existence while fighting off the monsters that stalk their nights. But not only this, the group also have to protect themselves from the worst opportunistic scum of humanity – raiders.

Freeman’s storytelling strengths lie in the authentic tone of his characters and their rich lives. He creates sympathetic characters from courageous town leaders to horny and misguided teenagers, who’s bad luck genuinely pulls at the readers heart strings – characters that you can’t help but root for.

After the Fall‘s main hero is Preacher, a former man of God who lost faith in his leader when he saw his congregation torn to pieces in front of his eyes, turned after death into soulless monsters intent on pulling others down with them. Motivated by his hatred of these demons and fearless against their onslaught, Preacher also has the burden of leading the town of ‘Colony’, a group that looks to him for strength, guidance, and hope, a burden that gets heavier by the day, highlighting the struggles and vulnerabilities we so rarely see in our heroes.




After the Fall: Children of the Nephilim is a post apocalyptic novel that pits faith against evil, takes no prisoners, and is dripping with darkness.


About the Author –


Paul Freeman is from Dublin, Ireland, where he now works, plays and writes. In the past he has lived in Germany and America but is now content to keep his roaming to the worlds he creates and writes about. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, or on his website here.

Tribesman is his first published novel, an epic fantasy with hints of Celtic myth. He has also published a short story in the steampunk anthology, Strange Tales From the Scriptorium Vaults. Season of the Dead is a novel about the zombie apocalypse, told from four different perspectives by four different authors and published by Spore Press. Book 2 in the Tribesman series, Warrior is now available.


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