‘The Virgin’ by Wol-vriey – Review

*Disclaimer – I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review*


She sighed in frustration. A little music would have helped pass the time, helped her to relax. 

But I’m prepared to wager that they don’t want us relaxed: they wanted us all tense and on edge as possible. 

The final piece of furniture in the room was the weapons rack. Hailey had so far avoided paying too much attention to the rack. Instead, her gaze flickered from the jewelry on the dresser (a lot of it was utterly gorgeous and she was certain most were designer pieces), to the fridge (which was filled with protein bars and energy drinks), and the digital clock on the wall beside the giant mirror (which informed her she had twenty minutes to showtime.) 

Showtime. Damn. I must be crazy. I can’t believe that I’m actually here and about to go through with this. What if I don’t survive it? Is this actually worth the risk? Oh, hell yes, it is. 

Synopsis –


• 10 million dollars in prize money,
• 1000+ video cameras,
• Lots of deadly weapons,
• 10 Suitors,
• 5 Virgins, and
• 3 Hours . . . to keep your hymen intact.

Hailey Osborne wants to sell her virginity for a hundred thousand dollars. But then she’s made an offer she really can’t refuse: how about competing to win ten million dollars in a no-holds-barred underground game show, where all she has to do is remain a virgin?

There’s just two problems:

1. Four other women also want that prize money.
2. There’s ten suitors all contesting to take Hailey and the other virgins’ precious hymens . . . by any means necessary . . .

But hey, it’s just for 3 hours, right? How hard can it possibly be to hold on to something for that short period of time, something you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of for years?

Hailey Osborne is about to find out.




Thoughts –

The Virgin is not what you expect, and certainly not what I expected. Like the Hunger Games but with less sexual assault, surprisingly, Wol-vriey takes readers on an action packed, tense as a steel string story of a reality TV show like no other. In a world where you can change your social status by selling off your virginity, a lot of young women see it as an opportunity to make some not-exactly-easy money. And the woman who runs the show sees it as a vindication for her own intact ‘virginity’. Playing off the glorification of imagined female virginity and the debauched wants and desires of the voyeuristic upper classes, The Virgin does not try to be a feminist novel, nor does it paint the women of the competition as victims either – they see an opportunity and they are aware of all the risks they are about to take, as well as the violence they are willing to partake in to win. Each of them has made a choice for greed or for the want of a better life, but their each ready to fight for the prize.

With ribald humour and a direct and unflinching prose, Wol-vriey gives a glimpse at a gameshow that is a little to easy to believe in. The reader is taken on a thrilling and sometimes violent trail of a competition where the goal is to keep your hymen intact, a hymen that could be worth ten million dollars. Our main protagonist, Hailey Osborne, is a determined young woman who is not against losing her virginity, but may as well make some money while she has it, right? The Virgin is a sometimes humorous, often violent, and definitely though provoking novel that you won’t soon forget.




The Virgin is a wild ride that does exactly what it says on the tin. An adult Hunger Games that is somehow less disturbing – this book will surprise you.


About the Author –


Wol-vriey is Nigerian and quite tall. He writes horror fiction—for adults only, please. And also some surrealist stuff. To date, he has published over twenty novels in both genres.

His horror novels include: Hell Dancer, Girls Are Not Smiling, and the ‘Brainchew’ Series. On the surrealist side of things, he is the author of Pussy Transmission, the Bud Malone ‘Boston’ Series, Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, Vegan Vampire Vaginas, and the disturbing and unsettling Dr. Orgasm.


Read and Review –




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