‘White Anvil – Sasquatch Onslaught’ by Matt Betts – Review

*Disclaimer – I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


The walls of the White Anvil Prison were easily six feet thick and soundproofed, yet sergeant Michael Denton was sure he could still hear the beasts howling inside. Of course, sometimes he could hear them in his sleep when he was off-base. 

Denton walked past the plow train as it was warming up. He checked under the engine out of habit, searching for any sort of explosives or unauthorized passengers. Both this engine and the other train had been examined three times for issues mechanical and man-made; in fact, the protocol was one that Denton himself had developed in his early days with the Army Rangers. 

The other train was much more complicated than the plow with the single engine. This one had seven cars: three for personnel, two for storage, and the last two were delicate. The cars themselves were quite the opposite of delicate; they were built to withstand the rough temperatures and more. They were designed to hold very nasty thing, and, in Denton’s experience, they’d done a great job of that. But that made them delicate, at least as far as security and visibility. Generally, they told passengers without clearance that they were refrigerator cars. But that only got them so far. 


Synopsis –

Fleeing an approaching blizzard, a military train carrying prisoners and a handful of citizens derails in the mountains. The survivors fight to stay alive and regroup as the terrible storm buries them in snow. Only then do they discover the train also carried another cargo—two cars loaded with biological experiments—genetically-altered sasquatches conditioned to annihilate anything they find.

Can the few remaining soldiers team with a pair of sisters and a police constable to fight the relentless beasts, icy temperatures, and escaped prisoners long enough for help to arrive?




Thoughts –

White Anvil: Sasquatch Onslaught gives you exactly what it promises on the tin. The tension and dread builds from the first chapter as a recipe for disaster is cooked up and quickly brought to boil by the elements; one part secret creature government experiment, one part maximum security hacker prisoners, and one part oblivious civilians just trying to make it through the storm.

An action packed story of survival and isolation, White Anvil takes the reader along a frigid and desolate story line with characters that have you rooting for them from the get go. Sisters Margo and Reggie have their quibbles but both are desperate to keep the other alive. Adam needs to survive to meet his brand new grandchild already on the way. Not to mention the prisoner fighting for their freedom and the soldiers in the dark about the dangerous cargo they are transporting.

Betts brings the action to the forefront sprinkling the characters backstories throughout with the odd flashback to explain where the creature experiment started. You aren’t overwhelmed with information at any point and the story stays mostly with the characters and their fight for survival. I was on these characters sides till the end.




A cold and brutal story of survival in the face of bad luck, bad timing, and experimental government yetis designed to survive. Yup.



About the Author –


Matt Betts is an American writer of many genres with multiple novels and publications under his belt. He loves bad movies, pop culture, and attending writing conventions


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