Welcome to My Dark Corner



Portrait commissioned from @Squeefox

So, I’ve started a blog. What now?

This blog will encompass everything I can’t do in my ever changing day job. I’m a writer myself and a voracious reader which doesn’t make me unique, certainly not in Ireland, but what I can do is bring a spotlight to the ‘dark corner’ of writing that I think is often over looked and is one of my passions – HORROR! But I won’t solely be focusing on horror, though I would like this to be a platform to promote new horror and my own stories,  this blog will also be a place where I can share my views on the Irish Writing scene: the book launches, the events, the venues, promoters and writers involved. And it will also document my journey as I work towards becoming a published writer (I’m working on it, really hard, believe me). Here, you can find book reviews, book launch reviews, literary events and competitions I take part in myself, and perhaps even a few short horror/thriller story that feel might fit the theme here. The sky is the limit!

I’m working on the next ‘hot take’ in writing, but in the mean time, if you have any topics you think I should cover or if you have a traditionally published, or indie horror/thriller/speculative/dark fiction – basically anything that isn’t all sunshine and roses, and you would like me to review it for you, please get in touch! I always need knew things to read!

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